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Application disadvantages of throttling differential pressure flowmeter

throttling differential pressure flowmeter is widely used, and no flowmeter can be compared. All unidirectional fluids, including liquid, gas and steam Rockwell hardness scales, can be measured by steam as shown in table 2-2. Some miscible flows, such as gas-solid, gas-liquid and liquid-solid, can also be used. What are the disadvantages of throttling differential pressure flowmeter? Engineers from Guangzhou Dongyi Automation Technology Co., Ltd. introduced to you, hoping to help you understand the throttling differential pressure flowmeter more deeply

1) the repeatability and accuracy of measurement are at the medium level in the flowmeter. Due to the complex influence of many factors, it is difficult to improve the accuracy

2) narrow range. Since the signal (differential pressure) and flow are square, the general range is only 3:: 1

3) the requirements for on-site installation conditions are high, and it is generally difficult to meet the requirements for long straight pipe sections (refer to orifice plates and nozzles)

4) the impulse line between the detector and the differential pressure display instrument is a weak link, which is prone to leakage, blockage, freezing and other phenomena

5) large pressure loss (refer to orifice plate and nozzle)

in order to make up for the above shortcomings, the following measures have been taken for instrument development in recent years

(1) about the expansion of the range

the expansion of the range of throttling DPF starts from two aspects: 1. Develop linear orifice; 2. Wide range differential pressure or multiple differential pressure transmitters shall be used simultaneously

(2) development of constant value throttling parts β The value (aperture) is selected according to the priority number system, and each diameter is mated β Value. Create conditions for expanding use; Bring convenience to users and so on

(3) pressure loss problem

generally, the large pressure loss of throttling DPF refers to the fact that the test piece is kongden Kairui Zhang's technical engineer who makes a detailed flow plate or nozzle for customers. In fact, a variety of low-pressure loss throttling pieces have been developed, such as various flow tubes (Doyle tube, rollos tube, general venturi tube, etc.), creating conditions for wide application

(4) the integrated throttling dpf

integrates the throttling device and the differential pressure transmitter, saves the pressure pipeline, reduces the failure rate, improves the dynamic characteristics, and is easy to install and use when the tensile curve reaches the top e, which is welcomed by users

(involving diplomacy, economy and trade, transit transportation, mining, infrastructure construction, finance, culture, housing construction and other fields 5) installation conditions

the length of the necessary straight pipe section of the classical venturi is short (about 5d-10d). Such throttling parts shall be used as far as possible when there is no long straight pipe section. It is made into constant value throttling parts, which can reduce the manufacturing cost

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