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How to use tools for mold machining recently, high-efficiency machining through high-speed feeding has attracted much attention. The company also complied with the market demand and launched the sks series of GAOJIN Shinkansen. This series of products can be used for high-efficiency rough machining of difficult to cut materials from rough materials to hardened steel. The newly developed replaceable cutter head + carbide cutter bar (super hard bar) series cutters have been highly praised

when the tool overhang increases during machining, the tool will vibrate and have to reduce the cutting conditions. In addition, the blade not only breaks due to the lack of wear resistance, but also the vibration of the blade body will greatly reduce the anti breaking performance of the blade. Especially in unmanned automatic processing, it is easy to cause major accidents such as knife death and machine damage

here, we will introduce the new high 2 It is better to equip the computer to feed the improvement measures taken by the Shinkansen combined tool body series

super hard rod series with cemented carbide handle

1. Cutting performance

when the steel cutter body is suspended and extended, vibration will occur, which will affect the cutting conditions, especially the cutting speed can not be improved

for example, sks--s20 (20mm diameter steel cutter body) with a suspension length of 190mm (l/d=9.5) is used to process S55C. Our goal is to recommend cutting parameters: cutting depth of 0.3mm, cutting speed of v=80m/min, feed rate of each edge of f=0.6mm/edge, and feed rate of f=1500mm/min. However, when the cemented carbide tool handle (super hard rod) msn-m-s20 is used in combination with the replaceable tool head msh-2020-m10 for the "high" feed Shinkansen series, the cutting speed can reach 1.9 times v=150m/min, the feed of each edge is 1.7 times f=1.0mm/edge, and the feed speed is three times f= 4800mm/min, and there will be no vibration during the processing, so the cutting is stable

in addition, when the material to be processed is S55C (201hb), use jc5040 material of blade model wdmw050316ztr for processing. Cutting parameters: spindle speed n=2390min-1, cutting speed v=150m/min, feed rate f=1.0mm/edge, feed rate f=4800mm/min, axial cutting depth ar=0.3mm, radial cutting width ad=12mm. Life comparison using blow cooling

the steel cutter body is used under the condition of high-speed and high feed. Due to the large vibration, the blade breaks and cannot be used after cutting to 25m. Under the same conditions, the "super hard rod" series was machined to 525M (cutting time 109 minutes) without edge collapse, and obtained more than 21 times of service life

when the suspension length is increased, the use of "super hard rod" series can not only greatly improve the processing efficiency through high-speed and high-speed feeding, but also improve the tool life to a great extent

2. Processing examples

examples of improvement in processing efficiency and service life when using ¢ 32mmsks replaceable cutter head + cemented carbide cutter bar (super hard bar) to process casting molds (heat-resistant tools have a wide speed regulation range with steel)

the axial cutting depth ar=1mm, the feed rate f=2800mm/min, the cutting amount q=70cc/min and the service life of the machine clamp round blade milling cutter with a suspension length of 100mm are 45 to 60 minutes. Compared with cemented carbide tool bar (super hard bar), the processing conditions can be improved to ar=0.7mm, f=7000mm/min, q=122.5cc/min, the processing efficiency has increased by 1.75 times, and the service life has reached 190 minutes, an increase of more than 3 times

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