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Application examples of measuring machines in engine manufacturing

in modern manufacturing, high-precision integrated measuring machines are more and more used in the production process, so that the goal and key of product quality are gradually transformed from final inspection to control the manufacturing process, and the parameters of processing equipment are timely adjusted through information feedback, so as to ensure product quality, stabilize the production process and improve production efficiency

the engine is composed of many parts of various shapes. The manufacturing quality of these parts is directly related to the performance and service life of the engine. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out very precise testing in the production of these parts to ensure the accuracy and tolerance of the products. In the modern manufacturing industry, high-precision integrated measuring machines are more and more used in the production process, so that the goal and key of product quality are gradually transformed from final inspection to control the manufacturing process, and the parameters of processing equipment are timely adjusted through information feedback, so as to ensure product quality, stabilize the production process and improve production efficiency

measurement solutions for workpieces with complex geometries

in the selection of traditional measurement methods, people mainly rely on two measurement methods to complete the measurement of box workpieces and workpieces with complex geometries, that is, the detection of box workpieces is performed by coordinate measuring machines; The measurement of workpiece with complex geometry is completed by special measuring equipment, such as special gear detector and special cam detection equipment. Therefore, for enterprises engaged in the production of workpieces with complex geometric shapes, the quality control enterprises that complete the above products not only need to configure general measuring equipment, such as coordinate measuring machines, general standard measuring tools and measuring instruments, but also need to configure special testing equipment, such as gear special testing instruments of various sizes and types, cam testing instruments, etc. This often leads to the fact that the measurement department of the enterprise needs to configure multiple types of measurement equipment and professional testing personnel engaged in measurement operations, which leads to a low utilization rate of measurement equipment. At the same time, the enterprise bears a high burden on the training costs of measurement personnel and the use and maintenance costs of measurement equipment; Enterprises cannot realize flexible and universal measurement and detection. Therefore, to reduce the measurement cost, the training cost of measurement personnel, and the use and maintenance cost of measurement equipment, so as to improve the measurement and detection efficiency, and enable the enterprise to have the real-time quality control ability in the production process, which will be related to the adaptability of the enterprise in market activities and play an important decisive role in helping the enterprise establish and maintain a good market reputation

the pmm-c coordinate measuring machine developed by Leitz company of Germany, combined with the professional measuring software QUINDOS, has realized a complete universal measuring and testing equipment in the field of industrial measurement. It can not only perform the high-precision detection of box type workpiece, but also perform the measurement and detection of workpiece with complex geometry. The dynamic indexes are the maximum measurement acceleration of 3000mm/s2, the maximum measurement speed of 400mm/s, and the average touch frequency of 40 points/s

pmm-c coordinate measuring machine is a closed frame in structural form and has high structural strength; Because the three coordinate axes move independently, the system has the same accuracy performance in the whole measurement space. The central arrangement of the drive system eliminates the torsion and offset of the coordinate axis during the movement. The detection system adopts three-dimensional analog scanning probe, which can not only provide continuous three-dimensional dynamic scanning function with excellent performance, but also trigger measurement with high precision. In the process of measurement, the probe always contacts along the normal vector direction of the measured workpiece surface. Even if a long measuring rod extension is configured, the measuring system can automatically compensate for the deformation and bending of the probe system. The metal grating system has a thermal expansion coefficient similar to that of the measured metal workpiece, which ensures that the system still has high measurement accuracy even in a relatively large measurement range. At the same time, the measurement system has a very small system resolution, which ensures the stable repetition accuracy of the measurement data

the correctness and effectiveness of the mathematical algorithm of zhoukunsheng, the technical director of the new material market of the QUINDOS professional metrology software Juner, which is used in this machine, has passed the authoritative certification of PTB of the National Institute of physics of Germany, and has reached the highest precision standard in the industrial field. The software length measurement error is less than 0.1 M, and the angle measurement error is less than 0.1 s. Because pmm-c coordinate measuring machine has the above characteristics in structure, the whole machine system has very small length measurement indication error mpee value and spatial detection error MPEP value. For example, PMM direct measurement method is a special method for measuring the wear of a certain working surface. The maximum allowable length measurement indication error mpee=0.6+l/600[m] of C 700p coordinate measuring machine in the temperature range of 19 ℃ ~ 21 ℃ and the maximum allowable space detection error mpep=0.6[m]

as a general-purpose measuring and testing equipment, pmm-c can not only replace other types of special testing equipment, such as shape detector, gear measuring equipment and camshaft testing equipment in the traditional sense, but also perform the complex geometry detection function, reducing the equipment investment required by enterprises to perform measurement and testing tasks, and also perform testing tasks on the same measuring equipment or the same model of measuring equipment, It effectively reduces the accidental error caused by the difference of operators. At the same time, the system error source is single, which can realize the unified evaluation of the measurement results of different processes. The measurement results fully comply with the provisions of ISO standards, and the measurement results have a higher confidence level

high precision detection helps improve production efficiency

vm motor is a professional manufacturer that designs, manufactures, sells and maintains high-tech engines, with an annual output of 80000 engines. In recent years, the engine manufacturer of VM company has applied flexible manufacturing technology, adopted machining centers and flexible transmission production lines, and can manufacture 1000 to 2000 cylinder blocks, crankshafts and camshafts in batches. Due to the increasingly strict requirements on tolerance, the engineers of VM company need to have the ability to test as close to the processing equipment as possible, that is, they need a kind of testing equipment that can compensate for temperature changes and minimize the waiting time between manufacturing and testing parts

Sirio measuring machine of Leitz company in Germany is made of materials with similar thermal expansion coefficient, and uses temperature difference geometric compensation technology to reduce the distortion caused by temperature. The temperature of workpiece can also be measured on this machine and used to correct the measurement results. It has the advantages of high speed, good accuracy and repeatability, and is equipped with a temperature compensation system

sirio measuring machine is one of the fastest measuring machines available. The velocity is 500mm/s, the acceleration reaches 2m/s2, and the grating resolution is 0.1M. Sirio's natural frequency attenuation function and track generator ensure that the machine can measure in a near vibration free environment. It is equipped with an automatic high-speed probe replacement device, which can replace the probe and rod within 10 seconds, so as to minimize the interruption time of the measurement process. In addition to the standard trigger probe, an analog scanning probe is also available in the probe library of Sirio measuring machine. This probe can measure the size and shape of parts on the same measuring workbench

high speed Sirio measuring machine can monitor the output of parts of multiple NC machining equipment. It is used for the setting of machining equipment and the first article inspection. It can also be used to inspect the size of parts immediately after the replacement or adjustment of cutting tools. If the process is changed, it is also used to verify the stability of production capacity. After the machining stage is completed and the parts are cleaned, they are sent to the Sirio measuring machine for testing. When the manufacturing process is qualified, only the necessary part features are selected for measurement in order to provide quick setting information. The measured data is transferred to the host computer for statistical processing, and an accurate display chart related to production process control is provided to the operator. Control charts can be used to adjust the production process quickly and in real time. QUINDOS software provides an effective connection between CMM measuring machine and manufacturing process

vm company has installed the three coordinate measuring machine for Sirio production site in the workshop to check the cylinder block, crankshaft and camshaft. Sirio measuring machine combines the precision and good repeatability of the measuring machine at the laboratory level with high-speed data acquisition capability and temperature compensation system. The shafting, guide rail, driving equipment and measuring grating are all encapsulated in a protective box, which not only isolates air pollution, but also provides stable working temperature conditions for the measuring machine. Typical tolerances for Sirio control are: parallelism and flatness between 20m and 30m, concentricity within 10m - these parameters are extremely important for correct assembly and overall performance. Through the automatic inspection of the production process, VM has significantly reduced the impact of human errors

rapid detection to ensure process control

oleomec, located near Brescia, Italy, is a manufacturer that provides components, sub assemblies and tools for the automotive, earth moving machinery and textile machinery industries. It is good at machining high-precision mechanical components, such as gearbox housing, engine support, brake housing, power chain components, connecting rods, engine spindle bearings, etc Assemble and commission complex devices and hydraulic components, including hydraulic clutches, pistons, cylinders, valves, brakes and special machinery

in recent years, the production batch of the company usually varies from 100 to 500 pieces. The production line can be refitted within 4 hours, and the machined parts produced have complex geometric shapes, which requires a high-precision, fast, flexible and cost-effective process control system. Therefore, a CNC measuring machine is needed, which has a large measuring range and can complete the detection of various parts and contour shapes; Finally, the machined parts should have position error and contour error less than 50 microns; In the characteristic relations such as parallelism and concentricity, the error is within 20 microns; Machine preparation and/or machine replacement for different parts should not take too long

oleomec adopts a Scirocco record measuring machine from DEA company in Italy. Scirocco record is a high-performance industrial testing system with the precision and repeatability of laboratory level precision measuring machines. Its unique light alloy skew bridge technology design is particularly solid, with the characteristics of extremely low center of gravity, which is conducive to the smooth engagement in precision work. The built-in temperature compensation function adjusts the measurement algorithm to completely eliminate the impact of environmental temperature changes. The measurement range is 1400 mm (x), 860 mm (y) and 660 mm (z), and the spatial measurement accuracy is 1.9+3.0l/1000 microns. Tutor geometric measurement software on Windows platform is also provided, which can guide operators to complete complex measurement work by using a standard operation interface (SOI). It is easy to realize measurement on Scirocco by direct computer control (DCC) programming. The operator's job is to simply select the appropriate measurement program from a wide range of possibilities

scirocco record monitors the production process of several CNC machining centers and lathes, and parts are inspected when the machining process is completed. The periodically selected samples shall be continuously inspected to determine whether the dimensional measurement exceeds the technical specification. A few key parts shall be randomly selected according to the technical regulations of the customer. Scirocco is also used for the initial inspection of supplier parts

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