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Application highlights of liquid milk packaging

as an integral part of dairy products, dairy packaging has a profound impact on the development of dairy industry. Despite the packaging materials and equipment? The market is monopolized by foreign giants, but domestic enterprises still have new research results. At the same time, there have been new trends in packaging and labeling

high quality packaging is an inevitable choice for dairy production enterprises to achieve local market penetration and foreign market expansion

both long-term milk and fresh-keeping milk put forward strict quality requirements for packaging. Liquid milk packaging mainly includes Tetra Pak bricks and Kangmei boxes for ultra-high temperature sterilized milk packaging, Tetra Pak pillows for ultra-high temperature instant sterilized milk packaging, roof bags for pasteurized milk packaging, and polybag made of sterile composite film. In addition, glass bottles are mainly used for packaging pasteurized milk, flavored milk and yogurt, while PP and PS cups are the main packaging containers for yogurt. Recently, BOPP bottles have made a brilliant debut, which is refreshing; The sudden emergence of Baili bag also makes people look up to it

bopp bottles have emerged for a long time, Tetra Pak (pillows), Kangmei box, ridge bag and opaque or translucent PE bottles have occupied the liquid milk packaging? As the mainstream of the market, the packaging shapes of various brands are relatively single. Recently, the BOPP bottles for dairy products packaging produced by Dongguan Jiahong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in Guangdong Province are used for this purpose? The field has been brightened

the BOPP bottle and its processing technology and equipment developed by Dongguan Jiahong company adopt a two-step production process. Since the raw materials do not need to be dried, nor do they need to be shaped and crystallized at the bottle mouth, the process is easy to control, the equipment investment is small, and the flexibility is large. It can produce both ordinary BOPP bottles and hot filling bottles on the same set of equipment

at present, this kind of container has been used in the packaging of water, carbonated beverages, tea, fruit juice and large infusion drugs. Especially, it has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and can withstand secondary high temperature sterilization, making it very suitable for packaging liquid dairy products. The heat-resistant temperature of BOPP bottle exceeds 100 ℃, which can withstand ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization without bottle deformation, and can meet the requirements of dairy production process; Because of its good temperature resistance, it has no strict requirements for bottle design, which can create personalized packaging for products

at the same time, BOPP bottle has good low temperature resistance, which can replace glass bottle for dairy products packaging in the low temperature climate in the north. In addition, BOPP bottles enable the shelf life of dairy products to reach more than one year, providing favorable conditions for the expansion of its sales radius

at present, transparent packaging is increasingly favored by consumers, and the high transparency of BOPP bottles also meets this demand. Hebei xiaoyangren biological Dairy Co., Ltd. has used the BOPP bottle developed by Dongguan Jiahong company to pack "xiaoyangren yogurt". Its unique short label transparent packaging can make people know the milk quality in the bottle at a glance and let consumers feel at ease. It is expected that more and more liquid milk will be packaged in this unique style

Baili bag is in the ascendant. In recent years, domestic enterprises have launched the malile bag production line in large quantities and introduced the method of instantaneous high temperature sterilization. The year 2002 was the craziest year for Tetra Pak products. Enterprises used TV and other media to carry out strong brand publicity and guidance, and consumers gradually liked and relied on Tetra Pak packaging. By 2003, Tetra Pak pillow products led by Mengniu started a price war nationwide. The selling price of 500ml Tetra Pak pillow was less than 2 yuan, occupying a large part of Tetra Pak brick pure milk? Field

in the second half of 2003, under the high price sensitivity of consumers, another cheaper sterile packaging? "Baili bag" has also become popular. "Baili bag" is made of three or four layers of polyethylene as raw material and black-and-white film masterbatch. It has a unique function of blocking light and oxygen. Following Wandashan, Sanlu and Xia Jin, brands such as Yili, Mengniu, Guangming and Wahaha have also launched Baili bags. The specification of this kind of package is mostly 250ml, and the price of each package is usually about 1 yuan

packaging machinery at present, most domestic dairy packaging enterprises use low-level common conventional equipment. As shareholders, mechanical students with independent innovation ability and R & D ability will support Shandong Huayu to build manufacturers in the past

Zhejiang Wenzhou Tianlong Plastic Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Haosheng Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. are a few enterprises whose R & D technology is at the forefront of China. Tianlong plastic enterprise group has recently successfully developed sterile pillows (bricks), roof type packaging materials and complete sets of equipment for milk and fruit juice, which has eased the constraints of Tetra Pak's equipment and material bundling sales strategy to a certain extent. The company has newly developed the paper aluminum plastic six layer coextrusion series tape casting compound machine, which adopts the latest paper aluminum plastic compound technology and the technology of directly welding the middle seam between plastic and plastic, and solves the problem of liquid leakage caused by the direct contact between paper and liquid. Unlike Tetra Pak, there is no need to encrypt the seal when filling. More importantly, both domestic and imported filling machines can be used to fill and produce sterile pillows (bricks) and B-type roof packs. After ultra-high temperature (UHT) sterilization for milk packaging, the shelf life of sterile pillows can reach 45 days, roof packs can reach 8 months and sterile bricks can reach 8 months. Nanjing Haosheng Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. has designed a box/hour full-automatic brick carton aseptic milk packaging machine for domestic small and medium-sized dairy and beverage enterprises. The packaging machine is suitable for aseptic filling of commercial sterile milk or soymilk after UHT sterilization in a sterile environment, so as to achieve a shelf life of 6 months. Because this kind of packaging machine is of horizontal design, the user does not need to have a high workshop, which saves the cost for the enterprise to invest in advance

however, the emergence of a few new equipment in China cannot change Tetra Pak's monopoly on milk packaging? The situation of the market. At present, Tetra Pak has sold nearly 1000 production lines in China, and achieved 95% of China's total output? The market share and profit are as high as 200%. So far, no enterprise has the strength to compete with Tetra Pak. 4. the level of dynamometer is very important. On the other hand, Li Zibo TV station came to Chinalco Shandong to deepen the cooperation between enterprises and local governments? The success of the venue has stimulated the awakening of China's national dairy packaging enterprises to a certain extent

it is understood that recently, the first cross industry dairy equipment joint venture in China was formed by eight enterprises, including Beijing Fumei Paper Co., Ltd., dehaoli company, Hengyuan foundation, Beijing huaru and Guangdong, while ensuring that the equipment meets the needs of style measurement? With the support of China Dairy Association and China Packaging Association Aseptic Packaging Committee, huaru HENGJIA Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. has been officially listed with a registered capital of 50million yuan. Its purpose is to develop domestic equipment, packaging materials, equip the national dairy industry, serve small and medium-sized enterprises, realize the effective combination of industry advantageous resources, and achieve the perfect combination of equipment manufacturers and packaging material manufacturers

whether China's domestic dairy equipment can snatch back the "big cake" from foreign enterprises remains to be seen

packaging logo packaging logo has gradually taken root in the hearts of the people. Nowadays, the role of packaging logo sometimes exceeds that of packaging decoration, especially when consumers are exceeding the standard of "packaging logo"? When "shopping around", the packaging logo often influences the final choice. Fresh milk label is a hot topic in the dairy industry recently

in the past year, the problem of fresh milk labeling has become a heated issue in the industry. Although the new regulations on the management of fresh milk labeling eventually died, Sanyuan milk took the lead in carrying the banner of "100% non resistant pure fresh milk" in July last year. Since March 1 this year, Xinjiang has added fresh milk labels to fresh milk products in the whole region

at present, many dairy enterprises use milk powder as raw material to produce liquid milk, and do not indicate that the raw material is "reconstituted milk" or "water and milk powder" as required. To a certain extent, the proliferation of reduced milk infringes upon consumers' right to know. Therefore, the China Dairy Association issued the regulations on the management of fresh milk labels at the end of 2003, indicating that only milk marked with special signs can enter the market as "fresh milk"

however, this move was opposed by relevant experts of the national food industry standardization committee

they believe that the act of starting fresh milk labeling is to fool consumers and encourage unfair competition. In fact, in the current dairy laws and regulations, enterprises have been forced to mark the difference between fresh milk and reconstituted milk, so it is not necessary to formulate a fresh milk labeling management regulation. However, while people were talking about it, Sanyuan milk took the lead in launching the pure fresh strategy and launched "100% non resistant pure fresh milk" bagged milk, which was taken as the quality symbol of Sanyuan Pasteur's entire line of products. Xinjiang is the first province in China to add "fresh milk label" to dairy products. The "fresh milk label" is supervised by the Dairy Association of the autonomous region. The label is valid for two years. Enterprises that are allowed to use the fresh milk label must sign a quality assurance contract. Only milk marked with special logo can enter as fresh milk? These fresh dairy products will cost 0.2 yuan per bag more than the reduced milk

there is no doubt that the implementation of fresh milk labeling is a great blow to those enterprises that rely heavily on milk powder raw materials. It can be predicted that dairy enterprises will also stage a wonderful elimination competition due to the "fresh milk logo"

yogurt packaging technology leading the market trend. A variety of yogurt cups have emerged in the market, which has become a trend. Due to the different ingredients and tastes of yogurt, the varieties of yogurt are diversified. In the increasingly fierce market competition, the packaging form of yogurt is a very important factor. A good packaging form can bring good sales share

in order to ensure product quality and create eye-catching packaging, packaging technology has been improved and innovated to continuously adapt to the development of dairy industry and the needs of customers. With a history of more than 50 years, hisia has designed various cup types for customers to choose according to product requirements. At the same time, the packaging machine is easy to operate and can make product packaging different. In addition, by labeling the plastic cup, the appearance of the product can be more beautiful and vivid. Labeling methods include single side labeling, double side labeling, three side labeling and circular labeling. Ainong:

hasia THM series packaging machine can be equipped with a complete set of labeling system. The standard material of the hot melt coating is fed from the material box to the preheated substrate. During the hot forming process, the standard material closely matches the plastic cup. The standard material with circumferential labeling is cut into a single strip from the coil, and then placed in the hot forming mold. This labeling method is more economical and has better appearance effect

the exquisite appearance and packaging of plastic cup products is indeed an important aspect of the packaging technology industry, and the filling of products during the packaging process is also the key

hisia filling system is applicable to all kinds of products, whether pure milk, stirred yogurt or yogurt with fruit granules. Similarly, it can also be used for filling in cups (1 grid of yogurt, 1 grid of fruit or puffed food). Does sweet food packaging need a special packaging process? Sterile packaging. Sterile packaging sterilizes all packaging materials (substrate and cover materials) in a completely closed sterile air positive pressure channel. Hiseas aseptic packaging technology adopts saturated steam sterilization and has passed FDA certification, which is a great challenge to conventional chemical sterilization. Saturated steam sterilization does not use any chemical medium. It is a pure natural sterilization process, which has no pollution to the product and can make the product

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