Application method of the hottest angle grinder

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Use method of angle grinder

sand grinding discs with different mesh numbers (currently mainly 20 . However, the use of angle grinder for grinding has the following disadvantages:

1. The operating workers need to adopt squatting work during construction, which has high labor intensity and low work efficiency

2. It is difficult to connect the dust collection equipment during the construction of the angle grinder, so there is a lot of dust in the construction process, polluting the environment and damaging the health of workers

3. This kind of electronic universal testing machine usually refers to a fully automatic electronic universal testing machine without manual participation, which is automatically loaded and unloaded and clamped by an automatic extensometer At the same time, because the series motor of the angle grinder causes great pollution to our environment and has poor load capacity, it often cannot bear the pressure in contact with the ground during grinding, resulting in excessive current and easy damage to the motor

4. When grinding the ground by manually operating the angle grinder, the grinding disc is often in local contact with the ground, and the grinding disc is subject to uneven force, so it is damaged quickly, and the consumption of sand disc grinding disc is very large

therefore, in order to improve the above situation, some engineering teams try to install sanding discs on the ground grinding machine to polish the intermediate coating batch scraping, which not only overcomes the above defects of the angle grinder, but also greatly improves the work efficiency. In particular, the design and development personnel of Shanghai JingZhan electromechanical Co., Ltd. have accumulated more than ten years of experience in construction and equipment use and made independent innovation. They have designed and developed a three head multi-purpose ground grinding machine. The machine is equipped with three tool bases that are the same as the angle grinder. In this way, any tool and grinding disc that can be installed on the angle grinder can be used on the three head grinder. At the same time, the alloy cutter head specially designed for the three head grinder is also designed, so that it can grind the cement concrete plain like other grinders

the design idea of the three turn multi-purpose ground grinding machine: strive to be people-oriented and improve the labor intensity and working environment of the staff; Strive to use one machine for multiple purposes and complete the work of each stage of the flooring project with high efficiency

the main structure of the multi-purpose ground grinding machine with three rotating heads: an AC motor is used to drive three rotating grinding heads at the same time through the belt pulley group or gear group, and the whole machine is equipped with a dust suction device. The recovered film can be made into other useful products. If we seize the beneficial opportunity of the market at the beginning of entering this industry, the grinding head can be installed with a multi blade alloy cutter head to grind the cement floor; Universal angle grinder can be installed to grind the primer; Nylon brush or bristle brush can be installed to clean the ground; Steel wire brush can also be installed to remove rust from steel plate. Since the whole machine is equipped with a dust collector, dust-free construction can be realized during the construction of floor coating. The rear part of the equipment is also equipped with front and rear adjustment and height adjustment devices of the organic wheel, so as to adjust according to different use needs

the whole machine is orange, beautiful and generous, with obvious signs

compared with similar equipment at home and abroad, this machine is light and fast, with high work efficiency, reducing labor intensity and improving the working environment; One machine with multiple functions is realized, and the utilization rate of the equipment is improved

main technical advantages of the three turn multi-purpose ground grinding machine:

the three turn multi-purpose ground grinding machine is equipped with a multi edge alloy cutter head. When grinding cement, terrazzo or hardened wear-resistant floor, its effect reaches or exceeds the level of similar foreign equipment

the three turn multi-purpose ground grinding machine is equipped with a sand disc to grind the undercoat. The working efficiency exceeds that of the angular grinder operated by more than five people, and the working quality and grinding effect are also significantly improved; The workers operate the machine vertically and grind while walking, which greatly reduces the labor intensity. The three turn multi-purpose ground grinding machine also changes the defect of local stress between the grinding plate of the angular grinder and the ground, so that when the sand disc grinding plate grinds on the ground, the grinding plate and the ground are evenly contacted and uniformly stressed, so the wear speed of the grinding plate is greatly reduced; The experiment shows that the loss of the sand disc is reduced by more than 80% compared with that of the angular grinder, which greatly improves the service efficiency and service life of the sand disc and saves the consumption. The configuration of the vacuum cleaner realizes the dust-free grinding of the ground, improves the working environment and is conducive to the health of the operators. Since the service life of the AC motor is much longer than that of the series excited angular grinder, it is not easy to be damaged during construction, which reduces the repair and maintenance work of the equipment and the loss of the equipment

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