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The new Chinese style is evolved from the Chinese classical decoration style based on the current aesthetic and living needs. Under the condition of ensuring the antique style of the Chinese style, it integrates fashionable elements, and has both ancient charm, fashion and practical home style. It is the best choice for many large house decoration. Today, the decoration editor will share with you a 170 square meter new Chinese style model room designed by Jiangnan beauty decoration company, Let's enjoy it

the design of the living room is full of a sense of fashion. Combined with the characteristics of modern rooms, it is not rigid and deliberate, and some large decorations are used to add classical charm

the modern shape of the dining table is very interesting. The black of the seat back is in sharp contrast to the bright orange of the seat. The towering wheat symbolizes family harmony and a bumper career

the light in the bedroom is soft, and the bird cage opposite is fully decorated in Chinese style. Take a rest in your spare time and be happy

visually, dark colors can well reflect a person's temperament and identity. It makes people want to slowly fry a 7-minute steak and drink a glass of red wine in the kitchen

looking at the modern bathroom, it's shiny, luxurious and fashionable. A comfortable bath is simply the ultimate experience

the new Chinese style is still very eye-catching. I don't know whether the above design has moved you. If you like it, or like the Jiangnan beauty decoration company in charge of design, you can come to participate in the decoration bidding. Just tell us your decoration needs, and we can arrange several suitable decoration companies to measure your room for free




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