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Judging from the current trend, the theme of children's room decoration is becoming more and more distinct. Whether it's cartoon theme, gender theme or storage theme, before parents decorate the children's room, you might as well think about what theme you plan to set for your children's small world

cartoon theme inspires creativity

with the post-80s generation becoming the mainstream of consumption, children's room has also broken through the previous design concept and incorporated more personalized elements. Nowadays, cartoon children's room has become a new favorite of parents. Virtual cartoon characters are brave or cute, which brings children rich imagination space and also reposes the good wishes of parents to their children

the creation of cartoon theme does not need to be achieved by placing small pieces. Hand drawn art brings a new and simple choice to the creativity of children's room. As for the area of the hand-painted wall, it is not limited to the whole wall. It can be decorated with cartoon hand-painted in combination with the local functions of the room

storing themes and using space wisely

children have a lot of things, which is often a headache for parents. Therefore, storage is a very practical theme in the design of children's room. The children's bed can integrate various functions such as bookcase and wardrobe, and integrate the bottom of the bed and the surrounding space, so as to achieve the purpose of ingenious layout and space saving

gender theme color setting

with the growth of children's age, room design also has more obvious differentiation in gender. The color tone of girls' rooms tends to be more feminine, while boys' rooms are more rigorous. In addition, as children enter school age, their psychology and pursuit are gradually getting rid of childishness

for teenage girls, they tend to be simple and elegant in the choice of room color style, while girls' Pink Princess feelings can be presented through knitwear such as bedding, carpets and curtains

the rooms of adolescent boys are suitable for modern simple design style, breaking away from childishness and moving towards adults. In terms of color, blue can be used to make the room style more concise and lively. In terms of the function of the room, it is mainly to meet the needs of life and study, and the furniture should not be too much to avoid the feeling of bloating. There is a lot of blank space in the room, which is more in line with the gender characteristics of boys





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