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Wallpaper is like a dress on the wall of a home, making the whole home full of lively expressions. In particular, personalized and high-quality decoration, the new wallpaper has the effect that interior wall paint is difficult to achieve in terms of texture, decorative effect and practicality. So, what are the types of interior decoration wallpaper? How to choose wallpaper? Next, follow Xiaobian to understand

types of interior decoration wallpaper

1. Paper based wallpaper is the earliest wallpaper. The paper surface can be printed with patterns or embossed or fabric, and the base has good air permeability, which can make the water in the base course of the wall radiate outward, without causing discoloration, bulging and other phenomena. This kind of wallpaper is relatively cheap, but it has poor performance, is not water-resistant, cannot be cleaned, is not convenient for construction, and is easy to break

2. Paper based plastic coated wallpapers, namely plastic wallpapers, are currently the fastest growing and most widely used wallpapers, accounting for about 80% of the output of wallpapers, and have reached a per capita consumption of more than 10 square meters in developed countries. Plastic wallpaper is made of base paper with certain properties through coating, printing and other processes

3. Textile wallpaper is made of silk, wool, cotton, hemp and other fibers. It has good texture and permeability, but the price is expensive. Decorating the environment with this wallpaper gives people a noble, elegant, soft and comfortable feeling, but the surface is easy to accumulate dust and is not easy to clean, and dust cleaning equipment must be equipped when using. This wallpaper is popular nowadays. It is also generally called wall cloth. This kind of price will be higher, monochrome will be a better choice, and the sense of grade with flowers is not so good

4. Natural material wallpapers are made of grass, hemp, wood, leaves, straw mats, and also valuable tree species. They are cut into algae pieces. Their style is simple and natural, rich in a strong flavor of life, and they are very popular with people in today's trend of returning to nature. Suitable for rural style decoration

5. Metal wallpaper is a kind of wallpaper made of coating metal film on the base. The lines formed by this kind of wallpaper are extremely spectacular, giving people a feeling of resplendence, solemnity and generosity. It has good resistance and is used in places with warm atmosphere, such as hotels and restaurants

6. Landscape wallpaper is made by photographing, enlarging and printing landscapes or oil paintings, which can be posted on the wall instead of other wallpapers. The landscape wallpaper is thicker than the general wallpaper, and the paving and drilling process is the same

7. Simulation series wallpapers are decorative wallpapers with various colors and varieties, which are made of plastic and imitate the patterns and textures of real materials such as bricks, stones, bamboo fabrics, porcelain and wood with technical means. It can be used locally

you can choose according to your own needs. At present, most of the markets in China are South Korea, the United States, France and Germany; Korean wallpaper is generally made of PVC, while European and American wallpaper is generally pure pulp; One roll is 5.2 square meters. Generally, it is OK to choose PVC wallpaper. In addition, wallpaper with more flowers and patterns will lose much more than monochrome wallpaper, so it depends on your own requirements to choose the style of wallpaper. However, the glue for wallpaper must be used well, which involves environmental protection

tips for choosing wallpaper for interior decoration

1. Choose materials

at present, the substrates used for wallpaper in the market mainly include paper, rubber, natural fiber, glass fiber, metal, fabric and other materials. In home decoration, try not to choose adhesive wallpapers, because the environmental protection performance of adhesive wallpapers is worse, and the air permeability of adhesive wallpapers is poor, which is very easy to curl up and turn yellow after being pasted on the wall, affecting the beauty of the room

2. See the effect

on the whole, a good wallpaper looks natural, comfortable and three-dimensional. From the perspective of details, whether the pattern is exquisite and layered, whether the tone transition is natural, whether the flowers are accurate, and whether there are color differences, dead folds, bubbles and other problems

3. Touch the texture

touch the wallpaper with your hand to feel the texture of the wallpaper. The key point is to touch the pattern part to see whether the density of the pattern is uniform, and then compare whether the left and right thickness of the whole wallpaper is consistent

4. Wipe the surface

the dirt resistance and scrubbing resistance of wallpaper are also factors to be considered when choosing. Therefore, when choosing, you can wipe the paper surface with a slightly wet cloth with a little force. If there is discoloration or delamination, the quality is poor

5. Smell

smell whether the sample has obvious strange smell of chemicals. If the smell is heavy, it may be that the content of volatile substances such as formaldehyde and vinyl chloride monomer is high

the above is the introduction of interior decoration wallpaper, which I hope will be helpful to you. For more knowledge about wallpaper, please continue to pay attention to information




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